The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel - Mini Review

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel was recommended to me by a friend first. Then, a couple of my other friends wanted to go out to a movie and early dinner on one of my days off. I was excited to see it the more I learned about it.

What a fun and interesting movie! I recognized many of the stars, and it is one that you need to see for sure. It is a totally unique film, that takes you away in a sense, to another time an place. Mentally, this is something we all need to do once in a while. It gives some great perspective on life as well depending on how you look at it. Life is precious, and it is flying by for sure.

My guess is that you will enjoy the cast and the story line as much as I did. I can highly recommend it to you. Whether you see it while it is still in the theaters or you wait until you can watch it another way, do make a point to see it. Now I want to go and visit India!

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