Autumn Sonata

This movie with Ingrid Bergman was very interesting to me. It was more sad, and thoughtful, and was toward the end of her career. It was the last movie she played in actually.

The story, of a mother and a daughter and their family was very heartfelt and real. The movie showed the tension, the problems that can carry on from one generation to the next. There were parts in the beginning where it showed both mother and daughter happy to see each other, loving each other but things began to become more pensive over time. There was a lot of being honest with each other, and hurts coming out.

This would be a great film for any majors in the social sciences or behavioral sciences to watch. The husband and the sister's characters were played well also, very real just like the others. There was a lot of tragedy shared, and sad things remembered. However, before I leave it off like its just a downer, I cried at the end because of how the tone changed to one of hope and continued realness, and the desire for good and forgiveness. There was a point of view that shared that its not good to give up, and life is short, and its better to love overall.

I would recommend seeing this once at least. Its a great movie that will touch your heart.