This week, I have seen Despicable me and Inception. Both were wonderful though very different. We saw Despicable Me in 3D which was so fun. I truly enjoyed this movie, though some kids movies I feel like I am just there for the kids, but not so for this one. I laughed and smiled a lot, and just enjoyed it. The voice of Steve Carrell was great! Inception was WONDERFUL and so fun. I loved the music and Hans Zimmer did the soundtracks for both movies actually. I am very impressed with Hans Zimmer!

I saw Robin Hood today, its opening day for this movie! Russell Crowe, Cate Blanchett, and all the rest were great. Great story, and movie. Highly recommend it!

Other movies I have seen so far this year (In the Theater, on the big screen):
Death at a Funeral
The Last Song

Dear John

Clash of the Titans - This is one of those movies I went to see by myself, believe it or not!  This is something I have come to love to do as a relaxing time to get away and just enjoy a good movie.  This was fascinating on many levels, and I would recommend seeing it if you never have.    I love the stories, and mythology represented.

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