Dinner for Schmucks

Dinner for Schmucks, with Steve Carell, was pretty good actually though mildly naughty at times. When I read the reviews, I braced myself for the worst, but it actually taught a fairly good lesson and was entertaining.

It was cute at parts as well, but went from that to really odd or goofy, then a lot of awwww moments from me, when I saw all the schmucks at dinner! (I have a soft spot in my heart that this "got to" I guess, and I felt badly for them all lol.)

Its fun to see, then of course the popcorn and cherry soda is fun and I share this with whoever I go with, or enjoy it by myself on occasion.
At our theater, there is a deal where if you have a heat advisory in your area, you can get in at a discounted price even for a matinee. Very cool!

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